Colin the Raven (song)

Colin the Raven (song)

Colin the Raven song by Ben Gadd

Listen to Ben Gadd play and sing this song!


Start with the chorus:

Colin has feathers, and all of them black

Wings to fly far and to carry him back

Colin has eyes of a beautiful brown

And he looks down to you on the ground

And he calls out to you with this sound (Croak! Croak!)


Fly with me!

Fly with me!

Come fly in the sky with me – e – e


Now these two verses, with no chorus between them

Colin, oh Colin, you acted so dumb

You couldn’t remember where you had come from

You couldn’t remember the tumbling game

Or even your very own name

But Colin grew wiser and Colin grew strong

He flew very high and he flew very long

He found all the answers he’d been searching for

And he found out very much more.

He found out very much more.


Now the chorus, and repeat the second part of it (“Fly with me!”),


Ending with a loud “Rawk-a-taw!”
© 2000 by Ben Gadd performed at Mr. Belsey’s Grade 5 class (
at Springbank Middle School near Calgary, Alberta Canada


Colin the Raven song (with guitar chords) by Ben Gadd (pdf)